Thursday, June 18, 2015

..ilCappuccino021 goes to Italy...

Dear Cappuccino Lovers,

As you can read in the title, it's time, for me, to spend a period in Italy, my beloved country!

In this months, I will not leave you alone, heheh...the plan is to show you a bit of my beautiful land: traditions, culture, places, food and drink.

First of all, I will try to bring to your homes Italian Cappuccino, no comparisons, just show you the way Italians drinks it and try to make you feel the "taste".
Second issue, it's to document Italian Coffee Tradition: from the selection of beans, going through the blend and the roasting, up to the final product, Espresso.
Third purpose, is to include in the blog, by pictures or videos, everything I see, every place I visit, every food I taste...

In a few words, I will take you around with me!

View of "Capo Vaticano", Calabria, South Italy
I hope you will be happy to keep on following the blog and appreciate all that I will show you!

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