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Every time I drink a Cappuccino, I can’t stop to think about the “Fiasco Blu” and the monk.  Ah ok... “Fiasco Blu” is the first coffee shop in Europe, precisely in Austria.  And the monk?  Yes, the monk is Marco D’Aviano, an Italian capuchin friar, unconsciously, the first guy who orders a Cappuccino.

The anecdote tells that the coffee in Austria was too bitter for him, so he got this idea to add milk in it.  While the color of the mixture was changing into brown, the owner of the coffee shop, a smart guy, seeing both the habit of the monk and the beverage having the same color, exclaimed: “Kapuziner!

That’s the story how Cappuccino got its name, but that is not the Cappuccino as we know today!

So, Austrians begin to...are you kidding? Let’s move to Italy...

In 1930s, “Italian Cappuccino” made its first appearance, but it was still far from the nowadays drink and looked more like the Viennese one.  Since Italian invented Espresso machines, Cappuccino changed and evolved, until it turned into the contemporary beverage.  The first small cup appeared in the 1950s, and by then the machines could also heat the milk.  So, baristas begun to study about the various techniques to get the right foam and the perfect temperature to mix milk and coffee.  Along these lines, the modern Italian “Cappuccino” was born.

Italians made “Cappuccino” as a lifestyle...today, it’s the quintessential Italian drink, even more famous than Espresso because of its sweeter taste and it is one of the original “made in Italy” coffee experiences.


  1. Hi there! I read you on Kompas sunday paper. Great, I enjoy your words. In most places I visited, I completely absolutely agree with you. I adore the latte at Giyanti and Tanamera. Those are best. But for me it's overprice. I disagree on Anomali. I mostly choose latte than cappuccino. The cup is too big therefore it's too liquid, not strong coffee taste.
    I want to suggest you to visit Getback at one of the ruko in ITC Fatmawati. Good price, ambience, nice staff and well blended latte. Also you need to to visit Woodpecker at Panglima Polim area. really nice presentation and off course the taste and price. Other coffee shop that is good is Kimung at Margonda Depok. But I remember they don't serve cappuccino. They have good black coffee/vietnamese and delicious ketan duren! Regards, Juli

    1. ..hi, Buku CemaRa! keep on reading the blog, feel free to comment and suggest new places!!! makasih yaaa...

  2. I can't wait to read more about your cappuccino adventures. If you ever venture around Tangerang and you find yourself in Gading Serpong, I would like to recommend an excellent coffee shop called Turning Point. Have a great day!

    1. ..hello April! keep on following the blog, soon, others recensions! thanks for the tip! cheers!

  3. Hai Mr. Ferdinando ๐Ÿ˜Š
    Nice reviews from you, hope one day can enjoy cappuccino at the same table and hear the reviews directly from you ๐Ÿ˜Š , i learn a lot thank you and hav a nice day
    Ciao Gina

    1. ..ciao Gina Brigida!
      Many thanks for reading my blog, I'm happy you enjoy my reviews!
      Yes, we can have a Cappuccino together whenever you want!
      ..have a nice day!!!