Monday, February 23, 2015

at 9CUPS

Sunday is a perfect day for a Cappuccino...

9CUPS is a new coffee-shop, simply furnished, minimal and with a particular philosophy.
A homey atmosphere make you feel welcome, wood and coffee smell surround you. 

Entering the door, you can go upstairs, where you can find the "operations center" with a small counter, coffee machine and grinder...and a kitchenette, or downstairs, to the coffee-room.
Here, frames and books pertaining to "the black drink" give you a real vision about the concept of the place, wooden tables, benches and a long wall-desk with stools receive you and your drink or food.

I had the feeling to be in a "laboratory of ideas", a little place where you can study, read and write, create or just chat with friends...not accident, nearby there are Universities and bookstores.

Pleasant presentation: classical white cup, two different kind of sugar, metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and, as cuddle for customers, a small cookie.
Simple Criteria said: the taste is the most important factor!
Temperature is proper, Espresso is really good, the foam tells that the milk was heated a bit longer, that's why it is average creamy.
Cappuccino is really flavorful: if it had been more creamy, it would have been perfect!

Visiting 9CUPS, first thing you notice is: they are really coffee-lovers. 
Big quality and cheap prices.
So, I recommend to visit it, you will have a tasteful journey.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 25k

9CUPS  Coffee  and  Roastery
Taman S. Parman Block A4
Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat 11440

Friday, February 20, 2015

at RoCA

Imlek took me to Artotel, in which,at the ground floor there's a café-restaurant...and my first tought, of course, was: let's have a Cappuccino!

Nice ambience, cool sketches on the ceiling, made by young Indonesian artists, modern design: this is the setting you can find at RoCA.

Sitting in the external part you can enjoy the relaxing colour, the pleasant lighting and the comfortable seating all around the hall.
A black round table and wall-couch received me, one of the kind staff took my order and, in a while, my "beloved beverage" reached me.

Presentation is very nice: white large cup (maybe too large), metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and a glass bin with three different kind of sugar.
Pattern is really enjoyable but, I guess it's made using a mould, because the foam seems to be laid on the drink and, in consequence, it is not a whole with milk.
Temperature is right but, stirring Cappuccino, I notice it is too fluid, far from creamy.
I don't like the taste: Espresso is watery and I only feel the milk, liquid milk!
I have sensation that Cappuccino is heavy for my stomach and not really flavorful.
Guys, please, remember the Criteria!

RoCA is a place that really deserves to be visited for its concept, its innovative and creative atmosphere and its artistic features...but, try not to order a Cappuccino.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 31K

Artotel Jakarta, Lantai Ground
Jl. Sunda no. 3
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat 10340

Friday, February 13, 2015

at Bakoel Koffie Cikini

Walking through Jl. Cikini Raya, stalked by the rain, I came across a huge window and, suddenly, I felt like thrown back to the past...

Entering Bakoel Coffee Cikini, the colonial style of the place lighted up my dark rainy afternoon.

Wooden and white marble round tables, green spot with water tub and walls teeming with frames leads you to a relaxing state.
Old style floor tiles and counter completes the scene.

Menù is wooden framed, really particular, also if I don't read it with attention because, of course, I'm there for a Cappuccino!

A black and white dressed guy took the order and I was ready to...judge!

Cappuccino is served in a transparent glass cup, unwatchable, no sugar served, with cocoa on the top, not even one single element matches with "Criteria", if not for metal spoon.
Wrong temperature...too hot! I risked to scald my tongue.
The beverage is not creamy at all, rather, it's liquid and that's because the milk is too hot.
The presentation is unsatisfying and the foam is flabby (the picture speaks itself).
It's a "Caffè e Latte", not a Caffellatte, nor a Cappuccino!
Ah, the taste? Well, nevermind.

So, the point is: go there for the place, for the old-colonial and homey atmosphere, or whatever you name it, but Cappuccino.

Vote: *
Price: 32k

Bakoel  Koffie  Cikini
Jl. Cikini Raya no. 25
Cikini, Jakarta Pusat 10330

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

at Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

So, have you missed me!?!?
Cappuccino lovers never sleep and, after a week of silence, here I am...

Monolog, the open space coffee shop.

Wood flooring, red brick walls, music and minimal design whet my longing to visit this place.
Two different counters, the first one is to satisfy sweet tooth and the other, is reserved to coffee machine.
Lists are full of coffee based drinks and several choices of food and all-day-breakfast.

Well-known place, full of people, smiling and professional staff.
I ordered my Cappuccino while sitting at a round wooden table in this open space closing doors, you are in and out at the same time!

Presentation and modality satisfied all the Criteria:
Classical white cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is nice and simple.
Temperature is swell, foam is the result of the right way to heat up milk, Espresso is intense and the mixture makes Cappuccino creamy and tasty until the last sip.
The final pleasure: foam remains in the cup, I gather it with spoon and...I'm highly satisfied!

The fame of Monolog is justified: the place is really enjoyable, besides quality and competence.
I felt very relaxed and pleased by the easy atmosphere and airy feeling that open space gives to sight.

Monolog...and play safe!

Vote: ****
Price: IDR 30k

Monolog  Quality  Coffee  Co.
Plaza Senayan, Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 B
Jl. Asia Africa no. 8
Jakarta Pusat 10270