It’s really difficult to make a Cappuccino! A good Espresso, a creamy milk and a perfect foam is the right mix to create a good should be not that liquid but not that foamy and...the way to heat milk is the main secret. The texture and temperature of milk is the most important factor in preparing a Cappuccino. Foam and creamy milk must not be two separated ingredient, they have to born together, because the right foam is just the top of the right heated milk. And when they meet Espresso...that’s the magic of Cappuccino!
So, rules are important but feelings are the main ingredients...

Evaluation factors:
  • Temperature: a good Cappuccino is not hot, it’s warm! It’s up to you how fast you want to drink must not burn your tongue since when barista puts the cup in front of you!  
  • Right mix of creamy milk and foam: you have to taste the milk and enjoy the nice feeling that foam gives to your palate...too much milk makes Cappuccino heavy for your stomach, but too much foam is tasteless and poor of stuff to drink!
  • Espresso must not be burned: mix of burned Espresso with milk gives a very bad taste experience!
  • Presentation: a nice, large cup helps to enjoy it; metal spoon is important and, obviously, much better than plastic straw! Patterns are nice but not essential!
  • Attention to details: a good barista must concern only to serve a pure, good Cappuccino! You’re the one who will ask for cocoa on the top, you will choose quantity and kind of sugar!
If you just had a good Cappuccino, give your appreciation to the barista...if the barista asks for your opinion about his’ve found the right place to have a good one! 

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