Friday, May 29, 2015

at Aroma Nusantara by Caffè La Tazza

Some days ago, a friend suggested me to visit a coffee-shop in Mall Ambassador...

Aroma Nusantara, a small and simple coffee-corner that is part of Caffè La Tazza.

Wood is all around, the interior design is very essential: on one side there's the bar-counter, on the other one a shelf containing coffee-items, mokas and coffee-maker, just in front of the entrance, a movable with big glass jars holding coffee-beans from different part of Indonesia.

There, everything gave me a homey feeling: the little hall with only four wooden round table, the sound of cups and metal spoon hand-washed by the barista and a very kind and friendly staff...all this, made me relax and inclined to sip my favourite drink.

Cappuccino is waited in a red classic-size cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Presentation agrees with the Criteria.
Pattern is simple.
Temperature is fine, Espresso is really good, milk is creamy and foam has a good consistence.
I like the taste and the nice feeling gave by the the dense body of the beverage.
Balance of flavour is proper and the result is enjoyable.

In the end, Aroma Nusantara is a place that pleased me for the cozy atmosphere and its simple concept...Cappuccino is good and I think they can really reach high level keeping this way.
Stop by there...and let me know!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 32k

Aroma  Nusantara  by  Caffè  La  Tazza
Mall Ambassador Lantai 4
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Setia Budi no. 69
Jakarta Selatan 12940

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