Sunday, May 10, 2015

at Exquise Patisserie

Within Rumah Cokro there's a place...

Exquise Patisserie, a really small but so elegant coffee-shop. 

Wooden white and brown tables as well as chairs and stools along a little bar-counter: everything is essential and therefore so graceful.

I like so much the mirrored-wall adorned with empty frames, that's so original!

Outside, just in front of the door, there are some others tables beside a little garden with a's so quiet as to make you want to read or write and that's what I did!

The staff is professional and really kind. 
After I ordered my drink, I choose to sit outside and, two minutes later, a grinning lady helped it to my table.

Cappuccino is served in a red classic size cup, metal spoon, brown sugar and no-cocoa on the top, the prelude is perfect, it matches with all the Criteria.
Pattern is simple and nice.
Temperature is fine, Espresso, blended and roasted by Brewphobia Coffee, is good and strong, as Italians like it, milk is average creamy and foam is medium rich. 
If this Cappuccino had a bit more of body and strenght, it would have been great.
Taste is pleasant and I'm satisfied.

So, I enjoyed time spent in Exquise Patisserie: I had a relaxing read, an enjoyable Cappuccino experience and a nice chat with the staff.
This all pleased my afternoon...visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 33K

Exquise  Patisserie
Rumah Cokro
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto no. 42A
Jakarta Pusat 10310

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