Thursday, October 22, 2015

at Bar Deraco

For the first review of the new season, I chose a place, in my hometown, that I know very well...

Bar Deraco, a well-known patisserie, ice-cream parlor and coffee-bar that owns an old tradition in its field.
It's a family run businness and there, competence and kindness are the surplus value that make this place one of the most favourite among people in Cittanova.

A long wooden bar-counter divided into different spot, coffee&co, ice-cream and bakery welcomes people, giving a large choice to please your day.
You can decide to taste your stuffs at the bar or to have a sit outside, where you can find a covered terrace with several seats and tables.

Simone, the barista, knows about my passion for Cappuccino and always, he delights me with a good drink and one of the homemade specialities that "the Deracos" offer to their customers.

Cappuccino is waited in a  white, classic-size cup, metal spoon, three different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top: Criteria are completely satisfied.
Pattern is really simple and shows you how coffee, foam and milk are mixed.
Temperature is precise, foam is soft and durable, milk is creamy and properly heated, Espresso is strong and tasty.
A very good mix, the beverage has thick body and strenght, a caress for my papillas and not-at-all heavy for my stomach: the best way to start my day!
An outstanding Cappuccino!

Well, Bar Deraco is a place that deserves to be visited for the quality of its products and the homey atmosphere that the staff is able to spread.
Cappuccino is really good and exclusively Italian.
You will not regret!

Vote: ****
Price: Euro 1,20

Bar  Pasticceria  Deraco
Via Pierluigi Nervi no. 4
Cittanova (RC) 89022

Thursday, October 08, 2015

..a coffee gallery...

Here we are again, Cappuccino lovers...
Summer has gone and it's time of new reviews and a lot of Cappuccino!
In the last three months, I've posted (on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Path) several pictures of Cappuccino, Espresso, breakfast or coffee-break all made in Italy.
Now, I would like to begin a new season of reviews and I want to introduce it with a small gallery of pictures relating to "coffee-experiences"  I had in my Italian period.

He was my cream, and I was his coffee -
And when you poured us together, it was something.
~Josephine Baker

Classic Cappuccino

Déjà Brew: The feeling that you've had this coffee before. 
~Author Unknown


I orchestrate my mornings to the tune of coffee. 
~Terri Guillemets

1. Espresso macchiato and fig's mignon; 2. Espresso macchiato and Cat's tongue;
 3. Espresso and peach's mignon; 4. Espresso and muffin

Be a coffee-drinking individual — espresso yourself! 
~Author Unknown

Classic Cappuccino

A yawn is a silent scream for coffee. 
~Author Unknown

Espresso macchiato and mini fruit tart

I just realized I’m not a morning person — I’m a coffee person. 
~Author Unknown

Classic Cappuccino

Coffee is a language in itself.

I hope you enjoyed this gallery, you can find more pictures on Instagram, Fb, Twitter and Path...
Feel free to text me for suggestions, critics and comments.
Soon, new reviews...stay tuned!

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

..ilCappuccino021 goes to Italy...

Dear Cappuccino Lovers,

As you can read in the title, it's time, for me, to spend a period in Italy, my beloved country!

In this months, I will not leave you alone, heheh...the plan is to show you a bit of my beautiful land: traditions, culture, places, food and drink.

First of all, I will try to bring to your homes Italian Cappuccino, no comparisons, just show you the way Italians drinks it and try to make you feel the "taste".
Second issue, it's to document Italian Coffee Tradition: from the selection of beans, going through the blend and the roasting, up to the final product, Espresso.
Third purpose, is to include in the blog, by pictures or videos, everything I see, every place I visit, every food I taste...

In a few words, I will take you around with me!

View of "Capo Vaticano", Calabria, South Italy
I hope you will be happy to keep on following the blog and appreciate all that I will show you!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

at Aroma Nusantara by Caffè La Tazza

Some days ago, a friend suggested me to visit a coffee-shop in Mall Ambassador...

Aroma Nusantara, a small and simple coffee-corner that is part of Caffè La Tazza.

Wood is all around, the interior design is very essential: on one side there's the bar-counter, on the other one a shelf containing coffee-items, mokas and coffee-maker, just in front of the entrance, a movable with big glass jars holding coffee-beans from different part of Indonesia.

There, everything gave me a homey feeling: the little hall with only four wooden round table, the sound of cups and metal spoon hand-washed by the barista and a very kind and friendly staff...all this, made me relax and inclined to sip my favourite drink.

Cappuccino is waited in a red classic-size cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Presentation agrees with the Criteria.
Pattern is simple.
Temperature is fine, Espresso is really good, milk is creamy and foam has a good consistence.
I like the taste and the nice feeling gave by the the dense body of the beverage.
Balance of flavour is proper and the result is enjoyable.

In the end, Aroma Nusantara is a place that pleased me for the cozy atmosphere and its simple concept...Cappuccino is good and I think they can really reach high level keeping this way.
Stop by there...and let me know!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 32k

Aroma  Nusantara  by  Caffè  La  Tazza
Mall Ambassador Lantai 4
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Setia Budi no. 69
Jakarta Selatan 12940

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

at 127 Cafe

In Kosenda Hotel, you can find a coffee corner...

127 Cafe, very nice and comfortable place, tastefully and accurately decorated.

A wooden partition containing clay pots divides the hall in two part, one reserved to the restaurant and the other to the cafè.
A dim light ambient,  likable design items as bookcase, floor lamps, big glass containers with plants surround couches and armchairs beside little round tables.
Behind the sofas, there's a little pool with flowing water and its sound is so relaxing...Cappuccino is just what I want now!

While I'm sitting on a sofa, one of the kind waiters comes to take the order and after some minutes I'm ready to enjoy my beloved drink.

In 127 Cafe, Cappuccino is served in a classic dark cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar, no-cocoa and, to please the customers, a cookies.
Criteria are satisfied!
Pattern is complex and well-done.
Temperature is good, milk is creamy and foam is rich...Cappuccino has thick body and strenght.
The only criticism is about Espresso: it's waterly and I can't taste it while I sip the beverage, a stronger one would make this Cappuccino really excellent. 

In conclusion, I recommend to visit 127 Cafe: it's an enjoyable place, quiet and elegant.
There, everything is well-thought and the effect is really pleasant and soothing.
Interesting Cappuccino experience.
Visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: 40 IDR

127  Cafe
Kosenda Hotel
Jl. KH Wahid Hasyim no. 127
Jakarta Pusat 10240

Sunday, May 10, 2015

at Exquise Patisserie

Within Rumah Cokro there's a place...

Exquise Patisserie, a really small but so elegant coffee-shop. 

Wooden white and brown tables as well as chairs and stools along a little bar-counter: everything is essential and therefore so graceful.

I like so much the mirrored-wall adorned with empty frames, that's so original!

Outside, just in front of the door, there are some others tables beside a little garden with a's so quiet as to make you want to read or write and that's what I did!

The staff is professional and really kind. 
After I ordered my drink, I choose to sit outside and, two minutes later, a grinning lady helped it to my table.

Cappuccino is served in a red classic size cup, metal spoon, brown sugar and no-cocoa on the top, the prelude is perfect, it matches with all the Criteria.
Pattern is simple and nice.
Temperature is fine, Espresso, blended and roasted by Brewphobia Coffee, is good and strong, as Italians like it, milk is average creamy and foam is medium rich. 
If this Cappuccino had a bit more of body and strenght, it would have been great.
Taste is pleasant and I'm satisfied.

So, I enjoyed time spent in Exquise Patisserie: I had a relaxing read, an enjoyable Cappuccino experience and a nice chat with the staff.
This all pleased my afternoon...visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 33K

Exquise  Patisserie
Rumah Cokro
Jl. HOS Cokroaminoto no. 42A
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Thursday, April 30, 2015

at Djournal

Before to talk about Cappuccino, I would like to thank all of you who keep on reading the blog...
In its three months of life "ilCappuccino021" got 9.000 views!!!
I will try my best to keep on trying to amuse you with my reviews.
You can follow me on Instagram: @ilcappuccino021 or Facebook, at the page: ilcappuccino021 
So, Cappuccino lovers, thanks to you all!!!

But now, no more chatting...

Djournal, a coffe shop in a corner of Grand Indonesia, a well-appointed spaces with nice colour-matching, simple and pretty style.

Bar-counter is just in its center and you can find several seats and tables in front or behind it, along with an external hall for smokers.
Sofà, stools, armchairs receive you besides different size tables.

I ordered my drink at the register and I waited for it at the bar, watching the baristas in their efforts to please the customers.

Djournal serves its Cappuccino in a faint-blue classic size cup, two different kinds of sugar, no metal spoon, I hate plastic straw, and cocoa on the top, that helps the garnish but, I didn't ask for it!
Criteria are not satisfied...
Pattern is simple but frustated by the cocoa.
Temperature is almost good, nice foam, creamy on average and Espresso is a bit waterly.
Taste is not bad but nothing to write home about.

Well, Djournal is a nice place, I like the style and its well-conceived use of space and furniture but, Cappuccino is nothing special, it must be upgraded.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 32k

Djournal  Coffee
Grand Indonesia West Mall Ground Floor
Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310

Friday, April 24, 2015

at Warung Tinggi

Walking throughout Grand Indonesia, craving a Cappuccino, I called at...

Warung Tinggi, a nice, elegant style and well-finished spot.
Wood is everywhere, suffused lighting, background music...

The long counter, with registers and bar, is surrounded by several kind of seats: mulberry couches beside oblong wooden tables, grey chairs and round white marble bar-tables.

You can choose between central hall or smokers room and, after I ordered my "beloved beverage", I took a sit in a corner of the first one to have a good sight of both the barista and the place too.

A smiling lady helps drink to the table and, yes, that's my turn!

Presentation aligns with all the Criteria: classic white cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
No pattern, it doesn't matter, I'm looking for quality!
At first sight, I thought: what a likable foam! 
But, after the first sip: temperature is completely wrong!
I almost scalded my tongue, I cannot feel the flavour because the milk is too hot and my papillas are inhibited.
Alas! I had very big expectations from the coffe-shop having the name of the historical Warung Tinggi: the only positive thing, along the presentation, is the foam.
This Cappuccino is not creamy at all because of high temperature and it ruins the taste of the Espresso too. 
The mixture leaves much to be desired.

In the end, Warung Tinggi is a place that I liked for its ambience and design but their Cappuccino needs to be improved.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 33K

Warung  Tinggi
Grand Indonesia Lantai 5
Jl. MH. Thamrin no. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

at Casa Verde

Some days ago, I got a suggestion to visit a coffee-shop with an Italian name...

Casa Verde, a welcoming and easy place, simply designed, trim and well-conceived in its limited available space.

A black partition with a white sketch, depicting the theme of the place, contrasts with the red tubes of the lamps and the wood all around the hall.
Behind the corner counter, there's a big board with the beverages list and, after you ordered your drink, you can choose to sit on a stool at the bar, at one of the tables with benches or on a bar-chair in front of a long wall-table.

Staff is very kind and, while I'm waiting for my drink, oh sorry, for "the drink!", we have a chat about coffee, cup and Italian inspiration of the spot.

Let's check for Criteria...

Cappuccino, at Casa Verde, is presented in a classic-size cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is simple and likable.
Temperature is perfect! Espresso is good with its Medan-Brasil beans blend, milk is well-steamed and foam is rich, if it had been more creamy, this Cappuccino would have been great!
Taste is very good and balance of flavour is proper.

So, Casa Verde, Rumah Hijau in Bahasa Indonesia, is a place that I recommend if you want to have an enjoyable Cappuccino experience along with courtesy and competence of the staff.
Visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 30K

Casa  Verde
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II/44C
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12820

Thursday, April 09, 2015

at Saudagar Kopi

For the first review of the month I've stopped by...

Saudagar, a little and simple coffee-shop, cozy and relaxing for a chat with friends.

You can choose to sit in the external part, in front, where wooden tables, stools and benches receive you under the light of lanterns or inside, where the counter, just at the entrance, welcomes you.

Entering the sliding door, you can notice an easy design: cups with the different recipes of "coffee beverages" are painted on one of the wall, a little spot with a sofa and several frames for a "romantic corner" and, on the wall at the bottom, coffee beans are coated under the motto of the place: "Because you deserve a good cup of coffee".

So, let's have a Cappuccino...

Saudagar serves it in a white classic cup, metal spoon, a small bucket with two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top...presentation matches all the Criteria.
Pattern is nice and well-done.
Temperature is good, Espresso is strong to the right point, milk is not so creamy, lack of strenght, foam is flimsy, the beverage has no body.
It's a pity, the taste is not bad, thanks to the good Espresso, but this is "milk with coffee", it's too liquid and I'm looking for a Cappuccino!

In the end, I think Saudagar has a good tradition in serving coffee, it's a homey place where is nice to spend time with a friend or stay by yourself reading a book but, their Cappuccino must be improved.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 28k

Saudagar  Kopi
Jl. H. Agus Salim no. 26F
Sabang, Jakarta Pusat 10350

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

at Liberica

For the last review of the month, I'm still in Pacific Place and today, it's the turn of...

Liberica, a likeable coffee-spot, well-conceived in its design and welcoming ambience.

A nice bar counter surrounded by white marble tables combined with black partition and touches of light wood, chairs, stools and, at the bottom of the little hall, a long wall-couch.

Sitting on the sofa, I feel confortable and my hope is to have a good Cappuccino in order to fully enjoy the place.

Waiters dress a black uniform and they look to be expert and fast in service, so, I order my adored beverage and after some minutes...

A white classic cup with Liberica logo, two different kinds of sugar in long sachet, no-cocoa on the top and, for my first time, a wood stick to stir the drink...of course,better than plastic straw but, metal spoon still remains the best!
Pattern is simple and nice.
Temperature is exact, milk is creamy and one with foam, lots of thick body, Espresso is a bit waterly, if it had been stronger, this Cappuccino would have been outstanding.
It's a well-done Cappuccino: it's creamy until the last sip and foam remains intact...Espresso in it, must be improved to satisfy all the Criteria.

So, Liberica deserves to be visited, it's a relaxing place to don't get lost in PP...there, you can have an interesting Cappuccino experience.

Vote: ***
Price IDR 32k

Liberica  Coffee
Pacific Place Lantai 4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Friday, March 27, 2015

at Lucaffè

Today, wandering around Pacific Place, I visited...

Lucaffè, a bar looking like a corner of Italy, a terrace with railings, pots for plants and lampposts.

Round and square wooden tables, chairs or sofa, nice, relaxing mix of red, white and grey colours design, gave me the longing to stop by and drink something...a Cappuccino, for instance!

Glancing at the menu, I noticed that, in Lucaffè, you can order different kinds of taste for Cappuccino (eh!?!?): almond, hazelnut and others...luckily, they serve the classic one!

A bit dazed by this discovery, I order my Cappuccino, classic (of course!), and, waiting for it, I enjoy the Italian style that characterizes a little spot in a huge mall as PP.

Cappuccino is waited on a classic cup customized with Lucaffè logo, two different kinds of sugar, metal spoon and cookie but, the cocoa on the top is something I didn't ask and don't respect the Criteria.
Temperature is completely wrong: it's so hot that I had to wait ten minutes for the first sip!
Foam is flabby, it seems to be laid on the beverage, milk is not creamy at all, that's because of the high hotness.
Espresso is waterly and a bit burned.
I didn't like this Cappuccino in any respect!

Well, Lucaffè disappointed expectations: the conception of the place is really nice but the quality is too far from the image they want to give.

Vote: *
Price: IDR 35K

Pacific Place Lantai 1
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no.52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Monday, March 23, 2015

at Rosso'

Dear Cappuccino lovers, 
I'm getting conscious how big is 021 (nol-dua-satu) area (and all the Cappuccino I can taste, heheh), so, I've reached BSD to visit...

Rosso', a new coffee shop in Ruko Pasar Modern, a little place fostered by great coffee-lovers.

Here, roastery and bar is all in one: on the left side of the small hall, you can see the coffee roaster and a shelf whith coffee bin, on the other side, the counter with coffee machine, glass can with several kind of coffee beans and some seats to savour your drink.

Design is minimal and essential, the main issue is quality, with no-frills.
The walls are covered with sketch, inscription and signatures made by all the visitors and, of course, I left mine too.

In Rosso', Cappuccino is served in a classic white cup, three different kinds of sugar, metal spoon and no-cocoa on the top...fulfiling all the Criteria.
Simple pattern, I mind about Italy, pattern is a secondary issue.
Temperature is optimal, milk is creamy and foam is part of it, Espresso must be stronger to contrast the milk tang but, the result is enjoyable. 
Mind this: aftertaste is really important in Cappuccino, the flavors must embrace with one another.

I like Rosso' for the easy and homey mood, they have good quality and cheap prices.
Staff is open to dialogue and got knowledge about coffee, their philosophy is:
"To educate Indonesian people to know and drink Indonesian coffee".
Visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 23k

Rosso'  Micro  Roastery
Ruko Pasar Modern BSD
Sektor 1 Block R no. 21
Jl. Letnan Sutopo
Tangerang Selatan - Banten

Friday, March 13, 2015

at Kopikina

Ladies and gentlemen, today happens to...

Kopikina, an old style red brick coffee-shop that brings you in a sixties dimension.

A long glass-wall give a soft lights to the little hall, wooden tables, stools, chairs and also a long wall-desk just behind the big windows that allows you to sit and watch outside.

My feeling is to be in a place opened years and years ago in which the flow of time gave its antiqued touch.

Red bricks walls are teeming with pictures and frames, a small room, opened to the hall by a big window, contains coffee machine, coffee glass-cans, work station and register.

I order my Cappuccino and take a sit in one of the side of the lounge to have a better sight of this particular place.

Kopikina serves its Cappuccino in a classic white cup with motif, metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and a little glass-cup containing white sugar.
Pattern is simple.
Temperature is almost perfect, a bit warmer than it should, Espresso tastes good, milk is not so creamy and foam loses its volume because of this.
Once again, the pleasure to drink Cappuccino is due to the creamy you can read in Criteria.
Taste is pleasant but still not proper.

So, Kopikina is a place for young and less-young people, there, coffee-lovers can find several kind of coffee, good prices and chat in an easy atmosphere.
Cappuccino should progress.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 27k

Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12860

Monday, March 02, 2015

at One Fifteenth Coffee

New month, new review...

When I got in front of 1/15, I thought: oh, really a nice place!

Getting inside, my feeling was confirmed: black and wood colours, simple style, elegant and essential.
Round or long wooden tables with stools, chairs, sofa and more other kind of seats.
Two  black counters, the first one reserved to coffee machine and baristas, the other, for register and sweets.

After I ordered my Cappuccino, I took a seat at the long table just in the center of the hall.
Soft lights relax my sight and I enjoy the well-conceived ambience around me.

Cappuccino is presented in a dark cup with white borders (smaller than the normal classic cup), metal spoon, two different kind of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is well-done and simple.
Temperature is enjoyable, Espresso is good and strong but, there's not enough milk to soften the taste of coffee: Cappuccino has its own gusto, it has not coffee taste, nor milk savor, it is the right blend between them and balance of flavor is essential! 
Foam and creamy are at medium level, a bit liquid...mind the Criteria
Taste is agreeable, but not a proper Cappuccino.

In the end, One Fifttenth is an interesting coffee shop, pleasant and cozy, particular in its fine concept and design.
Its Cappucino experience can be improved...visit it!

Vote: **
Price: IDR 36k

One  Fifteenth  Coffee
Jl. Gandaria 1 no. 63
Jakarta Selatan 12130

Monday, February 23, 2015

at 9CUPS

Sunday is a perfect day for a Cappuccino...

9CUPS is a new coffee-shop, simply furnished, minimal and with a particular philosophy.
A homey atmosphere make you feel welcome, wood and coffee smell surround you. 

Entering the door, you can go upstairs, where you can find the "operations center" with a small counter, coffee machine and grinder...and a kitchenette, or downstairs, to the coffee-room.
Here, frames and books pertaining to "the black drink" give you a real vision about the concept of the place, wooden tables, benches and a long wall-desk with stools receive you and your drink or food.

I had the feeling to be in a "laboratory of ideas", a little place where you can study, read and write, create or just chat with friends...not accident, nearby there are Universities and bookstores.

Pleasant presentation: classical white cup, two different kind of sugar, metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and, as cuddle for customers, a small cookie.
Simple Criteria said: the taste is the most important factor!
Temperature is proper, Espresso is really good, the foam tells that the milk was heated a bit longer, that's why it is average creamy.
Cappuccino is really flavorful: if it had been more creamy, it would have been perfect!

Visiting 9CUPS, first thing you notice is: they are really coffee-lovers. 
Big quality and cheap prices.
So, I recommend to visit it, you will have a tasteful journey.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 25k

9CUPS  Coffee  and  Roastery
Taman S. Parman Block A4
Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat 11440

Friday, February 20, 2015

at RoCA

Imlek took me to Artotel, in which,at the ground floor there's a café-restaurant...and my first tought, of course, was: let's have a Cappuccino!

Nice ambience, cool sketches on the ceiling, made by young Indonesian artists, modern design: this is the setting you can find at RoCA.

Sitting in the external part you can enjoy the relaxing colour, the pleasant lighting and the comfortable seating all around the hall.
A black round table and wall-couch received me, one of the kind staff took my order and, in a while, my "beloved beverage" reached me.

Presentation is very nice: white large cup (maybe too large), metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and a glass bin with three different kind of sugar.
Pattern is really enjoyable but, I guess it's made using a mould, because the foam seems to be laid on the drink and, in consequence, it is not a whole with milk.
Temperature is right but, stirring Cappuccino, I notice it is too fluid, far from creamy.
I don't like the taste: Espresso is watery and I only feel the milk, liquid milk!
I have sensation that Cappuccino is heavy for my stomach and not really flavorful.
Guys, please, remember the Criteria!

RoCA is a place that really deserves to be visited for its concept, its innovative and creative atmosphere and its artistic features...but, try not to order a Cappuccino.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 31K

Artotel Jakarta, Lantai Ground
Jl. Sunda no. 3
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat 10340

Friday, February 13, 2015

at Bakoel Koffie Cikini

Walking through Jl. Cikini Raya, stalked by the rain, I came across a huge window and, suddenly, I felt like thrown back to the past...

Entering Bakoel Coffee Cikini, the colonial style of the place lighted up my dark rainy afternoon.

Wooden and white marble round tables, green spot with water tub and walls teeming with frames leads you to a relaxing state.
Old style floor tiles and counter completes the scene.

Menù is wooden framed, really particular, also if I don't read it with attention because, of course, I'm there for a Cappuccino!

A black and white dressed guy took the order and I was ready to...judge!

Cappuccino is served in a transparent glass cup, unwatchable, no sugar served, with cocoa on the top, not even one single element matches with "Criteria", if not for metal spoon.
Wrong temperature...too hot! I risked to scald my tongue.
The beverage is not creamy at all, rather, it's liquid and that's because the milk is too hot.
The presentation is unsatisfying and the foam is flabby (the picture speaks itself).
It's a "Caffè e Latte", not a Caffellatte, nor a Cappuccino!
Ah, the taste? Well, nevermind.

So, the point is: go there for the place, for the old-colonial and homey atmosphere, or whatever you name it, but Cappuccino.

Vote: *
Price: 32k

Bakoel  Koffie  Cikini
Jl. Cikini Raya no. 25
Cikini, Jakarta Pusat 10330

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

at Monolog Quality Coffee Co.

So, have you missed me!?!?
Cappuccino lovers never sleep and, after a week of silence, here I am...

Monolog, the open space coffee shop.

Wood flooring, red brick walls, music and minimal design whet my longing to visit this place.
Two different counters, the first one is to satisfy sweet tooth and the other, is reserved to coffee machine.
Lists are full of coffee based drinks and several choices of food and all-day-breakfast.

Well-known place, full of people, smiling and professional staff.
I ordered my Cappuccino while sitting at a round wooden table in this open space closing doors, you are in and out at the same time!

Presentation and modality satisfied all the Criteria:
Classical white cup, metal spoon, two different kinds of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is nice and simple.
Temperature is swell, foam is the result of the right way to heat up milk, Espresso is intense and the mixture makes Cappuccino creamy and tasty until the last sip.
The final pleasure: foam remains in the cup, I gather it with spoon and...I'm highly satisfied!

The fame of Monolog is justified: the place is really enjoyable, besides quality and competence.
I felt very relaxed and pleased by the easy atmosphere and airy feeling that open space gives to sight.

Monolog...and play safe!

Vote: ****
Price: IDR 30k

Monolog  Quality  Coffee  Co.
Plaza Senayan, Palm Gate Entrance Unit CP 101 B
Jl. Asia Africa no. 8
Jakarta Pusat 10270

Thursday, January 29, 2015

at Tanamera Coffee Indonesia

Today, it's the turn of...

Tanamera, an oasis in the heart of the City.

Getting inside, the scent of roasted coffee envelops you, the ambience relaxes your sight with soft light and studied design.

A long bar counter welcomes you and, behind it, skilled baristas are ready to please you with traditional manner to serve coffe experience.

Red packages of artisanal Tanamera coffee, on the entire wall, hook up with the wood roofing and dark shelves.

A table among coffee roaster, jute sacks and big jars attractes me, so, after I ordered my Cappuccino, I sit there, enjoying the calm atmosphere well contrasted by the background music.

In Tanamera, Cappuccino is served in a green cup (smaller than the classic one), the irreplaceable metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and sachet of brown sugar.
Pattern is simple and well done.
Temperature is fine, high-quality Espresso blended in with creamy milk and intense foam are a whole: after you stir Cappuccino, spoon is full of it and you can't resist, you have to clean it in your mouth!
The taste fulfills your palate and it's a joy for expected by "Criteria".

Ergo, Tanamera offers an exquisite Cappuccino, it's a nice place and staff is professional and coffee-lover.
Visit it, alone or with friends, you will not regret!

Tanamera, where coffee means tradition.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 35k

Tanamera  Coffee  Indonesia
Thamrin City Office Park AA 07
Jl. Kebon Kacang Raya
Jakarta Pusat 10230

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

at Anomali Coffee in Jl. Cik Ditiro

I really like to walk, it relaxes me and helps to discover new stuffs and places...
Today, wandering around the city, I've found a coffee shop that just opened up its doors to customers:

Anomali in Jl. Cik Ditiro...

As I just said, it's a new opening and, inside, you can smell like paint and wood.
A terrace, in front, welcomes you and watching inside, through the glass wall, you can see a plain style, very nice wooden round tables and stools.

A guy received me and asked for what I want to taste.
Of course, I ordered a Cappuccino and I waited for it at the bar, a square area just in the middle of the coffeehouse.

Barista looked to be expert and, in a trice, my drink was ready.

A long wooden seat with dyed pillows, on one side of the hall, gives a cute touch to ambience, so, after I chose the sugar among three different kinds, I moved there.

A white-classic cup, with red Anomali brand, contained a good looking Cappuccino, served with a neat and simple pattern and no-cocoa on the top, but, mind the "Criteria", no metal spoon: plastic straw is unacceptable! 
Temperature is precise, mixture of good Espresso and creamy milk, accompanied by a light foam, that remains in the cup also when you finish up the beverage (it's a pity that you don't have a spoon to gather and enjoy it), give a very tasty feeling to your palate.

Thence, a skillful barista and a nice location is the right way to start a coffee shop business.
I had good time in Anomali, a delicious Cappuccino pleased my day and...visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 33k

Anomali  Coffee
Jl. Cik Ditiro no. 52
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

at Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Today, we stop at...

Giyanti, a hidden gem in Pasar Antik.

It's a different coffee shop, very easy and always full of people, because of its philosophy.

There, a hallway leads you to the front garden entrance, where, a fish tank with fountain welcomes you with a nice calming sound, and you can choose between several and different kinds of seating.

Getting inside, you can notice a particular design: a retrò ambient with red brick and wood, contrasted by metal shelves containing moka machines, cups and others coffee stuffs.

Coffee roaster and coffee grinder, near the entrance door, give you, at first sight, a real perception about the exclusively Italian source of inspiration of the place.

I ordered my Cappuccino at the register, and after that, I took a sit on a wood stool in front of a little table.
Waiting for the beverage, I spent some minutes watching the interesting coffee objects around, smelling of my country.

Cappuccino is served in a lovely coffee-brown cup with white borders, brown sugar sachets (my favourite one), and no-cocoa on the top (once and once again: you decide to have it or not!).
The only imperfection, what a pity, is the plastic straw! As you can read in "Criteria", metal spoon is essential to stir a Cappuccino.
Pattern is simple and cute.
Temperature is ideal, creamy milk as well, foam is rich: the feeling is intense and my papillas can really taste the excellent mix of good Espresso and well-done cream and foam.

In conclusion, Giyanti serves an outstanding Cappuccino, staff is very kind and open to dialogue and suggestions: the presence of the barkeep behind the bar is proof of care and passion about coffee experience.
I, sincerely, recommend you to visit it for the particular and cozy atmosphere...

Giyanti, where everything smells of coffee.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 36k

Giyanti  Coffee  Roastery
Jl. Surabaya no. 20
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

at Treeangelo Coffee

The second leg of our trip is...

Treeangelo, a coffee shop in Kemang area that really thrilled me for location and quality.

The place is on the third floor of a building and when elevator opens its door in front of it, you get surprised by seeing this really pretty and relaxing coffee hall.
Wood is everywhere, giving you the feeling of peaceful and silent place and the well-thought design leads you to a very confortable chat and inspiration.

Looking for a sit, you can see several areas and tables, an assembly room as well, but my attention was caught by these really pleasant rocking couches near big windows, so my feet, automatically, guide me there.

Smiling staff and nice colours around, give you a good mood, so, I ordered my Cappuccino and, while waiting for it, just three minutes, I enjoyed the easy going feeling gave by the movement of the sofa.

In Treeangelo, Cappuccino is served in the nice, traditional white cup, with the unavoidable metal spoon (essential!), various kind of sugar sachet and no-cocoa on the top (once again, you decide to have it or not). 
Pattern is simple and gladly.
Temperature is flawless, warm to the right point, my tongue and palate can really feel the good taste of Espresso, along with an impeccable creamy milk accompanied by the right quantity of intense foam.

In the end, Treeangelo offered me a very good made me feel, almost, at home!
It's a place that I really recommend to visit, for a chat with friends, for an event, or alone, to get the right flair, to write or read. 

A flavourful Cappuccino experience.

Vote: ****
Price: IDR 33k

Treeangelo  Coffee
Kemang Raya no. 15
Jakarta Selatan 12730

Monday, January 19, 2015

at Common Grounds

Our trip is going to begin...

Located in Citywalk Sudirman, Common Grounds, gave me, at first sight, a good impression!

Nice colours and essential design: black and white, perfect to enjoy a chat with friends and, of course, a good Cappuccino.

Enjoyable music volume and white light.

Home of 2014 Indonesian Barista & Latte Art Champions, here, you can see the barista while making your beverage and the central position of the coffee area, gives you the feeling: "we are focused on coffee experience and we want to let you know".

The service is fast: I ordered my Cappuccino to this smiling and kind guy, he gave my order to the barista and after two minutes my drink was already in front of my nose ready to be judged, hehehe...

Common Grounds, serves Cappuccino in a very nice dark cup with white border.

Presentation is good: simple and well-done pattern, metal spoon,no-cocoa (you decide to have it or not) and possibility to choose between several kind of sugar (I always opt for 3/4 sachet of "gula merah").
Temperature is perfect, warm and pleasant to tongue and palate, the drink remains warm while you're chatting with your friends.
Only a few of foam, because the milk was not so creamy...alas! not so positive element to taste a good Cappuccino, but, on the other hand, good Espresso and yummy taste.

So, I enjoyed my time spent in Common Grounds...Cappuccino was good but not the best, besides, it's a place that I recommend to visit, if you want to have a half-an-hour of relax in a likable location along to a fair Cappuccino experience.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 33k

Common  Grounds  Coffee  Roastery
Citywalk Sudirman, Lantai Ground
Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur no. 121
Jakarta Pusat 10230