Monday, March 02, 2015

at One Fifteenth Coffee

New month, new review...

When I got in front of 1/15, I thought: oh, really a nice place!

Getting inside, my feeling was confirmed: black and wood colours, simple style, elegant and essential.
Round or long wooden tables with stools, chairs, sofa and more other kind of seats.
Two  black counters, the first one reserved to coffee machine and baristas, the other, for register and sweets.

After I ordered my Cappuccino, I took a seat at the long table just in the center of the hall.
Soft lights relax my sight and I enjoy the well-conceived ambience around me.

Cappuccino is presented in a dark cup with white borders (smaller than the normal classic cup), metal spoon, two different kind of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is well-done and simple.
Temperature is enjoyable, Espresso is good and strong but, there's not enough milk to soften the taste of coffee: Cappuccino has its own gusto, it has not coffee taste, nor milk savor, it is the right blend between them and balance of flavor is essential! 
Foam and creamy are at medium level, a bit liquid...mind the Criteria
Taste is agreeable, but not a proper Cappuccino.

In the end, One Fifttenth is an interesting coffee shop, pleasant and cozy, particular in its fine concept and design.
Its Cappucino experience can be improved...visit it!

Vote: **
Price: IDR 36k

One  Fifteenth  Coffee
Jl. Gandaria 1 no. 63
Jakarta Selatan 12130


  1. Thx for the review. I won't go there then :)

  2. saw u on Kompas, nice cappuccino history, lead me straight here..any way i'm a amateur photographer and somehow ur beard and hair would seems cool to photographed, contact me if ur interested. come check my porto


    1. ..thanks cm_radhi! I will check your portfolio! keep on following the blog...cheers

  3. may i know your email address? i'd love to talk with you about cappuccino. and of course about wayang kulit yang merupakan tesis Anda.
    saya juga penggiat seni di kota asal saya, dan merupakan penikmat kopi terutama cappuccino.

    1. ..hi, alex bere tarak! my email address:
      Feel free to text me and keep on reading the blog!
      ..terima kasih...