Tuesday, March 31, 2015

at Liberica

For the last review of the month, I'm still in Pacific Place and today, it's the turn of...

Liberica, a likeable coffee-spot, well-conceived in its design and welcoming ambience.

A nice bar counter surrounded by white marble tables combined with black partition and touches of light wood, chairs, stools and, at the bottom of the little hall, a long wall-couch.

Sitting on the sofa, I feel confortable and my hope is to have a good Cappuccino in order to fully enjoy the place.

Waiters dress a black uniform and they look to be expert and fast in service, so, I order my adored beverage and after some minutes...

A white classic cup with Liberica logo, two different kinds of sugar in long sachet, no-cocoa on the top and, for my first time, a wood stick to stir the drink...of course,better than plastic straw but, metal spoon still remains the best!
Pattern is simple and nice.
Temperature is exact, milk is creamy and one with foam, lots of thick body, Espresso is a bit waterly, if it had been stronger, this Cappuccino would have been outstanding.
It's a well-done Cappuccino: it's creamy until the last sip and foam remains intact...Espresso in it, must be improved to satisfy all the Criteria.

So, Liberica deserves to be visited, it's a relaxing place to don't get lost in PP...there, you can have an interesting Cappuccino experience.

Vote: ***
Price IDR 32k

Liberica  Coffee
Pacific Place Lantai 4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Friday, March 27, 2015

at Lucaffè

Today, wandering around Pacific Place, I visited...

Lucaffè, a bar looking like a corner of Italy, a terrace with railings, pots for plants and lampposts.

Round and square wooden tables, chairs or sofa, nice, relaxing mix of red, white and grey colours design, gave me the longing to stop by and drink something...a Cappuccino, for instance!

Glancing at the menu, I noticed that, in Lucaffè, you can order different kinds of taste for Cappuccino (eh!?!?): almond, hazelnut and others...luckily, they serve the classic one!

A bit dazed by this discovery, I order my Cappuccino, classic (of course!), and, waiting for it, I enjoy the Italian style that characterizes a little spot in a huge mall as PP.

Cappuccino is waited on a classic cup customized with Lucaffè logo, two different kinds of sugar, metal spoon and cookie but, the cocoa on the top is something I didn't ask and don't respect the Criteria.
Temperature is completely wrong: it's so hot that I had to wait ten minutes for the first sip!
Foam is flabby, it seems to be laid on the beverage, milk is not creamy at all, that's because of the high hotness.
Espresso is waterly and a bit burned.
I didn't like this Cappuccino in any respect!

Well, Lucaffè disappointed expectations: the conception of the place is really nice but the quality is too far from the image they want to give.

Vote: *
Price: IDR 35K

Pacific Place Lantai 1
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no.52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190

Monday, March 23, 2015

at Rosso'

Dear Cappuccino lovers, 
I'm getting conscious how big is 021 (nol-dua-satu) area (and all the Cappuccino I can taste, heheh), so, I've reached BSD to visit...

Rosso', a new coffee shop in Ruko Pasar Modern, a little place fostered by great coffee-lovers.

Here, roastery and bar is all in one: on the left side of the small hall, you can see the coffee roaster and a shelf whith coffee bin, on the other side, the counter with coffee machine, glass can with several kind of coffee beans and some seats to savour your drink.

Design is minimal and essential, the main issue is quality, with no-frills.
The walls are covered with sketch, inscription and signatures made by all the visitors and, of course, I left mine too.

In Rosso', Cappuccino is served in a classic white cup, three different kinds of sugar, metal spoon and no-cocoa on the top...fulfiling all the Criteria.
Simple pattern, I mind about quality...in Italy, pattern is a secondary issue.
Temperature is optimal, milk is creamy and foam is part of it, Espresso must be stronger to contrast the milk tang but, the result is enjoyable. 
Mind this: aftertaste is really important in Cappuccino, the flavors must embrace with one another.

I like Rosso' for the easy and homey mood, they have good quality and cheap prices.
Staff is open to dialogue and got knowledge about coffee, their philosophy is:
"To educate Indonesian people to know and drink Indonesian coffee".
Visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 23k

Rosso'  Micro  Roastery
Ruko Pasar Modern BSD
Sektor 1 Block R no. 21
Jl. Letnan Sutopo
Tangerang Selatan - Banten

Friday, March 13, 2015

at Kopikina

Ladies and gentlemen, today happens to...

Kopikina, an old style red brick coffee-shop that brings you in a sixties dimension.

A long glass-wall give a soft lights to the little hall, wooden tables, stools, chairs and also a long wall-desk just behind the big windows that allows you to sit and watch outside.

My feeling is to be in a place opened years and years ago in which the flow of time gave its antiqued touch.

Red bricks walls are teeming with pictures and frames, a small room, opened to the hall by a big window, contains coffee machine, coffee glass-cans, work station and register.

I order my Cappuccino and take a sit in one of the side of the lounge to have a better sight of this particular place.

Kopikina serves its Cappuccino in a classic white cup with motif, metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and a little glass-cup containing white sugar.
Pattern is simple.
Temperature is almost perfect, a bit warmer than it should, Espresso tastes good, milk is not so creamy and foam loses its volume because of this.
Once again, the pleasure to drink Cappuccino is due to the creamy mixture...as you can read in Criteria.
Taste is pleasant but still not proper.

So, Kopikina is a place for young and less-young people, there, coffee-lovers can find several kind of coffee, good prices and chat in an easy atmosphere.
Cappuccino should progress.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 27k

Jl. KH Abdullah Syafei
Tebet, Jakarta Selatan 12860

Monday, March 02, 2015

at One Fifteenth Coffee

New month, new review...

When I got in front of 1/15, I thought: oh, really a nice place!

Getting inside, my feeling was confirmed: black and wood colours, simple style, elegant and essential.
Round or long wooden tables with stools, chairs, sofa and more other kind of seats.
Two  black counters, the first one reserved to coffee machine and baristas, the other, for register and sweets.

After I ordered my Cappuccino, I took a seat at the long table just in the center of the hall.
Soft lights relax my sight and I enjoy the well-conceived ambience around me.

Cappuccino is presented in a dark cup with white borders (smaller than the normal classic cup), metal spoon, two different kind of sugar and no-cocoa on the top.
Pattern is well-done and simple.
Temperature is enjoyable, Espresso is good and strong but, there's not enough milk to soften the taste of coffee: Cappuccino has its own gusto, it has not coffee taste, nor milk savor, it is the right blend between them and balance of flavor is essential! 
Foam and creamy are at medium level, a bit liquid...mind the Criteria
Taste is agreeable, but not a proper Cappuccino.

In the end, One Fifttenth is an interesting coffee shop, pleasant and cozy, particular in its fine concept and design.
Its Cappucino experience can be improved...visit it!

Vote: **
Price: IDR 36k

One  Fifteenth  Coffee
Jl. Gandaria 1 no. 63
Jakarta Selatan 12130