Tuesday, March 31, 2015

at Liberica

For the last review of the month, I'm still in Pacific Place and today, it's the turn of...

Liberica, a likeable coffee-spot, well-conceived in its design and welcoming ambience.

A nice bar counter surrounded by white marble tables combined with black partition and touches of light wood, chairs, stools and, at the bottom of the little hall, a long wall-couch.

Sitting on the sofa, I feel confortable and my hope is to have a good Cappuccino in order to fully enjoy the place.

Waiters dress a black uniform and they look to be expert and fast in service, so, I order my adored beverage and after some minutes...

A white classic cup with Liberica logo, two different kinds of sugar in long sachet, no-cocoa on the top and, for my first time, a wood stick to stir the drink...of course,better than plastic straw but, metal spoon still remains the best!
Pattern is simple and nice.
Temperature is exact, milk is creamy and one with foam, lots of thick body, Espresso is a bit waterly, if it had been stronger, this Cappuccino would have been outstanding.
It's a well-done Cappuccino: it's creamy until the last sip and foam remains intact...Espresso in it, must be improved to satisfy all the Criteria.

So, Liberica deserves to be visited, it's a relaxing place to don't get lost in PP...there, you can have an interesting Cappuccino experience.

Vote: ***
Price IDR 32k

Liberica  Coffee
Pacific Place Lantai 4
Jl. Jend. Sudirman no. 52-53
Jakarta Selatan 12190


  1. Been there. 1st experience was not so good. Let's try again then :)

    1. ..hi Kuda! thanks for your comment. As you can read in my review, I think their Espresso is not that strong, so, something is missing to their Cappuccino, but milk was properly heated and steamed. Try again and let me know what you think about it...cheers!