Friday, February 13, 2015

at Bakoel Koffie Cikini

Walking through Jl. Cikini Raya, stalked by the rain, I came across a huge window and, suddenly, I felt like thrown back to the past...

Entering Bakoel Coffee Cikini, the colonial style of the place lighted up my dark rainy afternoon.

Wooden and white marble round tables, green spot with water tub and walls teeming with frames leads you to a relaxing state.
Old style floor tiles and counter completes the scene.

Menù is wooden framed, really particular, also if I don't read it with attention because, of course, I'm there for a Cappuccino!

A black and white dressed guy took the order and I was ready to...judge!

Cappuccino is served in a transparent glass cup, unwatchable, no sugar served, with cocoa on the top, not even one single element matches with "Criteria", if not for metal spoon.
Wrong temperature...too hot! I risked to scald my tongue.
The beverage is not creamy at all, rather, it's liquid and that's because the milk is too hot.
The presentation is unsatisfying and the foam is flabby (the picture speaks itself).
It's a "Caffè e Latte", not a Caffellatte, nor a Cappuccino!
Ah, the taste? Well, nevermind.

So, the point is: go there for the place, for the old-colonial and homey atmosphere, or whatever you name it, but Cappuccino.

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Price: 32k

Bakoel  Koffie  Cikini
Jl. Cikini Raya no. 25
Cikini, Jakarta Pusat 10330

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