Thursday, October 13, 2016

at The Harp

Well met, Cappuccino, I want to take you all at...

The Harp, a welcoming and relaxing place.

Getting inside, your sight is pleased by wood all around, a lot of books and musical instruments. 
I really like the colour-matching: white and green give a particular emphasis to the ambience and red bricks complete the frame.

Two levels: on the ground floor, a small counter, some tables with seats and a piano that catches my attention...on the first floor, a lounge with a bookcase, shelfs with  cups and tea-pots and some others seats.

They serve several kinds of tea, but I'm here for a Cappuccino!
So, I order my beloved one to a smiling barista and after that, I reach the second level...

Cappuccino is waited in a white classic cup, metal spoon, three different kinds of sugar and no cocoa on the top: presentation agrees with Criteria.
No pattern, I don't mind...
Temperature is good and Espresso too, but foam is flabby and milk is not so creamy...this Cappuccino has a lack of strenght! Taste is not exciting.

In the end, I like this place, it's ideal to meet friends or spend time with yourself, reading a good book, writing or just loosening.

Cappuccino can be improved!
Let me know...

Vote: **
Price: Euro 1,20

The  Harp
Corso Ten. Aldo Barbaro no. 46
Palmi (RC) 89015

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

at Torrefazione e Cioccolateria Manuli

Today, at breakfast time, I visited a place that really pleased my morning...

Torrefazione e Cioccolateria Manuli is a small coffee&chocolate-shop and roastery, nice and cozy in its atmosphere.

Very minimal and essential design: a wooden arc bar counter, some seats near two glass tables rested on terracotta pots full of raw beans and a coffee-island with several container of blended beans.

Lamps hanging from the ceiling light up all the place and the friendly staff is ready to cheer you with their coffee-drinks, sweets and hand-made chocolate.

Sitting on a chair, I wait for my beverage papillas are ready to judge!

Cappuccino is served in a white classic cup, metal spoon, four different kinds of sugar or sweetener and no-cocoa on the top: Criteria are fulfilled!
Pattern is simple and likable, it's not essential to have it but, sight supports taste...
Temperature is optimal, Espresso is good and strong, milk is well-heated and foam is thick: Cappuccino is creamy until the last sip! 
Taste is good and the drink is light, a perfect mix for an enjoyable breakfast.
An exquisite Cappuccino!

So, I had good time at Torrefazione e Cioccolateria Manuli, quality is notable and I like the place in its well-conceived use of the space.
Visit it!

Vote: ****
Price: Euro 1,30

Torrefazione  e  Cioccolateria  Manuli
Via XXIV Maggio no. 74/76
Taurianova (RC) 89029