Monday, February 23, 2015

at 9CUPS

Sunday is a perfect day for a Cappuccino...

9CUPS is a new coffee-shop, simply furnished, minimal and with a particular philosophy.
A homey atmosphere make you feel welcome, wood and coffee smell surround you. 

Entering the door, you can go upstairs, where you can find the "operations center" with a small counter, coffee machine and grinder...and a kitchenette, or downstairs, to the coffee-room.
Here, frames and books pertaining to "the black drink" give you a real vision about the concept of the place, wooden tables, benches and a long wall-desk with stools receive you and your drink or food.

I had the feeling to be in a "laboratory of ideas", a little place where you can study, read and write, create or just chat with friends...not accident, nearby there are Universities and bookstores.

Pleasant presentation: classical white cup, two different kind of sugar, metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and, as cuddle for customers, a small cookie.
Simple Criteria said: the taste is the most important factor!
Temperature is proper, Espresso is really good, the foam tells that the milk was heated a bit longer, that's why it is average creamy.
Cappuccino is really flavorful: if it had been more creamy, it would have been perfect!

Visiting 9CUPS, first thing you notice is: they are really coffee-lovers. 
Big quality and cheap prices.
So, I recommend to visit it, you will have a tasteful journey.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 25k

9CUPS  Coffee  and  Roastery
Taman S. Parman Block A4
Grogol Petamburan, Jakarta Barat 11440

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  1. I like how you describe all those atmosphere and scent of this place. It makes me want ro come and visit this small but comfortable coffee shop, again. Good coffee and tasty food.