Friday, February 20, 2015

at RoCA

Imlek took me to Artotel, in which,at the ground floor there's a café-restaurant...and my first tought, of course, was: let's have a Cappuccino!

Nice ambience, cool sketches on the ceiling, made by young Indonesian artists, modern design: this is the setting you can find at RoCA.

Sitting in the external part you can enjoy the relaxing colour, the pleasant lighting and the comfortable seating all around the hall.
A black round table and wall-couch received me, one of the kind staff took my order and, in a while, my "beloved beverage" reached me.

Presentation is very nice: white large cup (maybe too large), metal spoon, no-cocoa on the top and a glass bin with three different kind of sugar.
Pattern is really enjoyable but, I guess it's made using a mould, because the foam seems to be laid on the drink and, in consequence, it is not a whole with milk.
Temperature is right but, stirring Cappuccino, I notice it is too fluid, far from creamy.
I don't like the taste: Espresso is watery and I only feel the milk, liquid milk!
I have sensation that Cappuccino is heavy for my stomach and not really flavorful.
Guys, please, remember the Criteria!

RoCA is a place that really deserves to be visited for its concept, its innovative and creative atmosphere and its artistic features...but, try not to order a Cappuccino.

Vote: **
Price: IDR 31K

Artotel Jakarta, Lantai Ground
Jl. Sunda no. 3
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat 10340

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