Wednesday, January 21, 2015

at Giyanti Coffee Roastery

Today, we stop at...

Giyanti, a hidden gem in Pasar Antik.

It's a different coffee shop, very easy and always full of people, because of its philosophy.

There, a hallway leads you to the front garden entrance, where, a fish tank with fountain welcomes you with a nice calming sound, and you can choose between several and different kinds of seating.

Getting inside, you can notice a particular design: a retrò ambient with red brick and wood, contrasted by metal shelves containing moka machines, cups and others coffee stuffs.

Coffee roaster and coffee grinder, near the entrance door, give you, at first sight, a real perception about the exclusively Italian source of inspiration of the place.

I ordered my Cappuccino at the register, and after that, I took a sit on a wood stool in front of a little table.
Waiting for the beverage, I spent some minutes watching the interesting coffee objects around, smelling of my country.

Cappuccino is served in a lovely coffee-brown cup with white borders, brown sugar sachets (my favourite one), and no-cocoa on the top (once and once again: you decide to have it or not!).
The only imperfection, what a pity, is the plastic straw! As you can read in "Criteria", metal spoon is essential to stir a Cappuccino.
Pattern is simple and cute.
Temperature is ideal, creamy milk as well, foam is rich: the feeling is intense and my papillas can really taste the excellent mix of good Espresso and well-done cream and foam.

In conclusion, Giyanti serves an outstanding Cappuccino, staff is very kind and open to dialogue and suggestions: the presence of the barkeep behind the bar is proof of care and passion about coffee experience.
I, sincerely, recommend you to visit it for the particular and cozy atmosphere...

Giyanti, where everything smells of coffee.

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 36k

Giyanti  Coffee  Roastery
Jl. Surabaya no. 20
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310


  1. Yes, the cappucino is good. I've tried it last week. Also their flat white is good.

  2. Yes, the cappucino is good. I've tried it last week. Also their flat white is good.