Wednesday, January 28, 2015

at Anomali Coffee in Jl. Cik Ditiro

I really like to walk, it relaxes me and helps to discover new stuffs and places...
Today, wandering around the city, I've found a coffee shop that just opened up its doors to customers:

Anomali in Jl. Cik Ditiro...

As I just said, it's a new opening and, inside, you can smell like paint and wood.
A terrace, in front, welcomes you and watching inside, through the glass wall, you can see a plain style, very nice wooden round tables and stools.

A guy received me and asked for what I want to taste.
Of course, I ordered a Cappuccino and I waited for it at the bar, a square area just in the middle of the coffeehouse.

Barista looked to be expert and, in a trice, my drink was ready.

A long wooden seat with dyed pillows, on one side of the hall, gives a cute touch to ambience, so, after I chose the sugar among three different kinds, I moved there.

A white-classic cup, with red Anomali brand, contained a good looking Cappuccino, served with a neat and simple pattern and no-cocoa on the top, but, mind the "Criteria", no metal spoon: plastic straw is unacceptable! 
Temperature is precise, mixture of good Espresso and creamy milk, accompanied by a light foam, that remains in the cup also when you finish up the beverage (it's a pity that you don't have a spoon to gather and enjoy it), give a very tasty feeling to your palate.

Thence, a skillful barista and a nice location is the right way to start a coffee shop business.
I had good time in Anomali, a delicious Cappuccino pleased my day and...visit it!

Vote: ***
Price: IDR 33k

Anomali  Coffee
Jl. Cik Ditiro no. 52
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

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