Tuesday, January 20, 2015

at Treeangelo Coffee

The second leg of our trip is...

Treeangelo, a coffee shop in Kemang area that really thrilled me for location and quality.

The place is on the third floor of a building and when elevator opens its door in front of it, you get surprised by seeing this really pretty and relaxing coffee hall.
Wood is everywhere, giving you the feeling of peaceful and silent place and the well-thought design leads you to a very confortable chat and inspiration.

Looking for a sit, you can see several areas and tables, an assembly room as well, but my attention was caught by these really pleasant rocking couches near big windows, so my feet, automatically, guide me there.

Smiling staff and nice colours around, give you a good mood, so, I ordered my Cappuccino and, while waiting for it, just three minutes, I enjoyed the easy going feeling gave by the movement of the sofa.

In Treeangelo, Cappuccino is served in the nice, traditional white cup, with the unavoidable metal spoon (essential!), various kind of sugar sachet and no-cocoa on the top (once again, you decide to have it or not). 
Pattern is simple and gladly.
Temperature is flawless, warm to the right point, my tongue and palate can really feel the good taste of Espresso, along with an impeccable creamy milk accompanied by the right quantity of intense foam.

In the end, Treeangelo offered me a very good Cappuccino...it made me feel, almost, at home!
It's a place that I really recommend to visit, for a chat with friends, for an event, or alone, to get the right flair, to write or read. 

A flavourful Cappuccino experience.

Vote: ****
Price: IDR 33k

Treeangelo  Coffee
Kemang Raya no. 15
Jakarta Selatan 12730


  1. Great review! I would definitely try this one. Thank you Nando.

  2. Thank you Mr. Fernando for the review, glad to serve you well . You have to come here again. ^_^

    1. ..ciao, Novita Sari! As you can read in my review, I really like your Cappuccino...I will visit you again, of course! Terima kasih kembali...

  3. Hi Mr. Nando sure . Wow good to hear you speak bahasa ^_^

    1. Hi Novita Sari! so,were you in Pejaten Village? I think I will visit Treeangelo this week,maybe on wednesday...hope to meet you there!

  4. Hi...Mr. Nando so sorry for late reply your message . Would be nice to meet you . My email : novitasari.sapoetra@gmail.com